Why You Need to Progress Your Push Ups and How

If you saw my last info pieces about push ups, you would know that this seemingly simple exercise is often easily butchered to death with bad form.


But! Let’s say you actually paid attention to my technique cues in my previous checklists and videos (give yourself a fist pump), yet you have hit a roadblock and can’t progress your (now perfect) push ups no matter how hard you try.


You keep trying and either stagnate with your reps, or your form starts to break down if you push harder for more.


This problem can occur whether you’re doing beginner or more advanced variations of the push up (arggggghhhh!)


This can’t go on! – I don’t want you to be that dude/dudette who does the exact same routine week in and week out for years and still looks the same.


I don’t want you to be that person who nose bombs your push ups…or does those silly little pumpy pumpy elbow bends in a miserable attempt to get more reps.


No, I want you to be able pump at thousands of immaculate push ups on command at Christmas lunch, while everyone else at the table is considering joining a gym in seven days’ time.


So how do you this?


Well, the best position is on top of the table in full view of everyone.


….And if you’re trying to work out how to progress to this level and get those push ups cranking out with perfect form (to your brother-in-law’s shame and inadequacy), you simply watch my >>video



Yep, if you’re struggling with your push ups, it’s likely that you’re not applying the right loading/progression variation of this exercise and you’re compromising your technique as a trade-off for more progress (a carnal sin). 


This >>video will provide you with an effective way to develop your push-ups as quickly as possible, and blast through any plateaus or preconceived ideas about your fitness levels at the Christmas table…. Or anywhere else you feel like pumping your pecs like a gorilla.

Watch this >>video now to break your plateaus, give your technique some respect back, and get some refined shirt muscles in the process.

– Michael

Performance Revolution


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