Work Your Glutes Properly With Proper Step Ups

If you are like most gym goers, it’s likely you are currently treating the Step-Up exercise like the common variation found in an 80’s aerobics class.

….a movement where you thrust yourself off one leg and plant the other onto an aerobics step. 

You then proceed to pick the rear leg up off the floor with all your momentum and drive it high into the air in a fashion similar to that of a jubilant one-man marching band. 

Many will tell you that this kind of movement will work your glutes and thighs – so you then decide to take it to the weights room for that sole purpose…

Does this work your quads? – to a degree it does. 

Does it work your butt? – Maybe a little. 

Is there a better way to do this exercise? – Absolutely! 

In fact, we’ve made a very concise >>video showing you exactly how to tweak this exercise to your advantage.

If you want to make your step ups more than a cardiovascular exercise, you need to make the adjustments outlined in this >>video

These alterations will make the exercise harder, but they will also make your hips stronger – a good trade-off we think 😉

Click >>HERE to watch this concise demo of the Step Up exercise done right.

Do your step ups as shown and you’re well on your way to better glutes and a better use of your time with this exercise – give it a go today!

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