Your Lower Body Warm Up Routine

You have probably been wondering what a good warm up routine is for your lower body before you do strength training? 

Yes, you will need to scale up towards heavier weights by using lighter ones in warm up sets.

The problem is that most of us need something before this…

Something to address the lack of mobility we have and get the hips firing properly after all those fixed and stationary work postures we’ve adopted.

Jumping into a deep squat or lunge is hard when your depth has been set above parallel in a work chair for eight hours or more… not to mention the stability we rely upon from our chairs and not our bodies.

Oh and in just in case you’re wondering, running on a treadmill or doing some other form of cardio isn’t going to cut it.

In this latest >>video, we give you a very quick and highly effective routine to mobilise your joints AS WELL as turn on those dormant hip muscles for better stability.

If you fail to get in the right positions with the right muscles activated, you not only risk injury – you risk poor performance and strength!

Don’t just take my word for it though – do this quick five-minute routine before your “leg day” and see the difference for yourself.

Click >>HERE to watch this short video now.

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