6 Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Neck, Shoulder, and Back Integrity… As Well As Your Push Progress!….

If you saw my last post regarding push ups, I gave you a checklist of the “Do’s” to ensure proper push up form.

Today I’m going to share with you the “Don’t’s” for executing this “harder than appears” exercise.

A failure to address these mistakes will eventually result in problems around your neck, shoulders, and back.

So do take heed to the mistakes list below as well as this >>60 sec video to help remind you of what NOT to do when it comes to executing this fundamental exercise:

Push Up Mistakes:

❌ Hands in front of Shoulders – this puts you in the wrong starting position for each rep and usually predisposes you to other mistakes that follow

❌ Craning the neck – this puts a lot of strain on the neck and shortens the range of motion

❌ Shrugging the shoulders – this can cause impingement of the neck, shoulders, and upper back

❌ Arched lower back/sagging hips – this reduces the range of motion and puts a lot of strain on the lumbar spine

❌ Flaring the elbows – this causes shoulder internal rotation and risks impingement at both the shoulder and elbow joints

❌ Incomplete Reps – these will shorten the range of motion and therefore not work the target muscles adequality.

All these mistakes use your muscles or joints ineffectively. They also often lead to pain and will limit your ability to progress to more advanced push-up variations later on.

Hence, you will need to avoid these common mistakes to both perfect and progress your push-ups.

Now get to it and don’t ignore your exercise form!

– Michael

Performance Revolution

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