Build a well-rounded core and take your ab training to the next level!

Did you see the first Free core training routine I sent you a little while ago?


Did you give it a try? ….Or did you assign it to a folder for later – like the one filled with all the air fryer and Black Friday sales promos?


If you did give the workout routine a go then bravo! I’m proud of you!


What’s next now?


After completing the >>Abdomination 1 program in its entirety, it’s time to progress to the second routine.


BUT! Only if you have completed routine one as I mentioned.


These workouts are not some random mish-mash of exercises you might find in a typical influencer interweb production.


No, these workouts I’ve put together for you are routines that build on top of each other. 


This way you can sequentially build a rock-solid core that gets more and more functional. 


The exercises and routines get more intense over time and it’s hard to see progress if you dive in at any stage.


Hence, if you have completed the first routine and now want to complete the second (or save it for later), click >>HERE.


It’s a completely new catalogue of exercises to build more visible abs AND a more functional core!


Again, it doesn’t require any fancy equipment or machines – just your own bodyweight.


Stop wasting your time on irrational routines and exercises that don’t work! 


Invest your time in an effective plan that will actually produce results!


Keep building yourself a solid core! Click >>HERE for the second Abdomination Workout Routine 


– Michael

Core Campaigner


P.S. How can some cyclists have both big bellies and ripped legs at the same time? You could ask the same in regards for gymnasts who have visible abs but don’t follow a strict diet. I address many interesting physique aspects like this in my Lean Body Program, – check out the info doc if you’re genuinely interested about taking action towards a better body (and you’re not just an information gatherer). Click >>HERE for more info.