An unbiased and VERY experienced take on popular workout programs and challenges

Have you ever done a fitness program or challenge?


You know – 12 Week Transformation Challenges, 8 Weeks to a Better Bum,…whatever?


They are quite popular for people just starting out.


…or even others who find themselves in a rut and need to get back on track with their body and their health.


But, what is the real point of these?


Some say it’s a good kickstart.


Some say their great for results.


Some say they’re great for getting a needed “push”. 


But the main reason I’ve found for EVERYONE is actually a bit different.


Whether people admit it or not. The underlying reason as to why people are attracted to these kinds of programs is:


To get a desired outcome in a defined period of time.


Without this deadline element, NO ONE would sign up.


Deadlines are helpful for many things in life.


However, the point of a fitness challenge is actually something different.


And the people who understand this, get the best results overall.


So what is the real point of fitness challenges and programs?


…..if not for getting a desired outcome in a defined period of time?


Click >>HERE and watch my latest 60 second video to find out.


….Before you waste a lot of time, effort, and misdirected attention.


Whether you have done a fitness challenge before or have no desire to, you will get A LOT from this 60 second piece.


 …Because fitness challenges have a lot of parallels to many other things you pursue in life. 


Again, click >>HERE for the video.


– Michael

Fitness Freethinker   

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