Defining ego lifting and how it impacts your gains in size and strength

This video explains Ego Lifting and the three main indicators that you’re doing it – watch it now to avoid the deadly pitfalls and get ahead with your strength and muscle gains:

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Ego lifting is when people (typically guys) try to build muscle mass by lifting more than they could, would, or should normally lift. The end result in every case always eventuates to the same thing – pain!

How do you know if you’re ego lifting? 

Well, there are 3 main indicators – so pay attention!

1.Going too heavy – 

Every guy does this, and it’s usually to impress someone around them.

The best number of reps to lift the most amount of weight is a single rep. 

Hence a lot of guys do 1RM’s to inflate their ego rather than joining a powerlifting club. 

1RM’s are by nature dangerous and you shouldn’t be going for them unless you’re a powerlifter. You’re not going to grow more muscle mass lifting super heavy all the time – otherwise, every bodybuilder would look like a powerlifter and vice versa.

If you’re trying to build muscle, you should be aiming for PRs in higher rep ranges and minimising the risk of injury.  

Another sign of going too heavy is partial reps – overloaded ¼ squat or 2-inch deep leg presses are prime examples. Going too heavy and doing partial reps does nothing for hypertrophy! A muscle needs to go through its full range of motion the majority of the time to build muscle mass…Not to mention reduce the risk of injury that is ever increasing if you continually rely on a shortened range of motion  

2.Lack of control and technique – 

Going too fast, bouncing, swinging, hitching, and jerking the weights is all wrong! These are signs that you’re lifting with your ego and not your muscles – To get out of your bad cheating habits, instead use controlled eccentrics, pauses and avoid locking out your reps fully to keep tension on the muscles longer.

3.Masking pain – 

If something is giving you pain outside of a normal muscular burn, it’s generally a bad thing. 

Relying on cortisone shots, anti-inflammatories, pain killers and the like to mask your pain is only going to make that pain worse down the road. If you need to rehab an injury, or need to refine your technique, humble yourself and lifter lighter until your body gets stronger the proper way.

Do you know what the number one killer of progress is? Its injury! 

That extra 20kgs you’re looking to miraculous add to your PB overnight is not worth the 20 weeks of pain in the aftermath

Be patient! Be proud of how you lift! Be an artist and have a style and technique for your training! Oh and fellas, if you’re trying to impress girls with how much you lift, you’re much better off working on your personality 😉

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