It’s not uncommon to see people doing bicep curls in order to build up their arms.


I guess it makes sense that being called a ‘bicep curl’ implies that the exercise builds your biceps right?


Well… not exactly.


Although curls might help people build their biceps somewhat, they certainly are not the most effective exercise for building this body part.


This is especially true for beginners… who tend to focus way too much attention on isolating body parts.


In my latest >>video I will show you a much better alternative exercise for building your biceps… and the crazy thing about this one, is that you feel your arms working INSTANTLY!



Yep, this one looks a bit funny, but it is no-joke when it comes to effective arm exercises – it’s right at the top of the list!

See exactly what I mean by clicking >>HERE for the 60 sec video that explains it all. 


– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. Are your arms a weak point? If so, it’s likely due not so much to your training but more so the method of training and exercises you’re using. To troubleshoot where you might be going wrong and get some help to bring this area up, simply send me a message (+61404921125) with the words ‘ARMS’ …because let’s face it, everyone wants guns and not pee-shooters 😉