The most effective calf exercise that you’ve likely never heard of

Were you blessed with good calves?


If you’re at all like me, the straight answer is likely ‘NO’!


Few people are in fact blessed with great lower legs.


So you can give up now with calf training and stop reading this email.


..or not!


Yes, there is a genetic component of having great calves.


BUT, there is also a lot of potential for development with this muscle group too.


When trained with the right exercises and stimulus, baby calves can turn into cows!


Yes, getting strong, defined, and resilient calves should be your mission!


We all walk around and use our calves a lot for locomotion…. which is also one of the reasons why this muscle group is so stubborn and resilient in the first place.


You see, you might think you’re cursed with bad genetics.


…but it’s highly unlikely that you’re a paraplegic.


Most people just complain and wine about their crappy calves.


…When in reality they don’t give them any attention.


I’m sorry but a few sets of standing calf raises at the end of your workout is not going to cut it.


In fact, too many people rely on this exercise and no others for developing their calves.


Well today I’m going to provide you with an epiphany.


That’s right – a little ‘ah-ha’ moment.


Today, I want to show you a very effective but often unbeknownst exercise that few people do (and it shows!).


In fact, it’s arguably the most effective calf exercise out there!


What’s more, it’s VERY hard to cheat with this exercise.


This means the exercise may hit your ego, but rest assured it will hit your calves! 


What is this less-than-conventional calf exercise?


Click >>HERE to find out.


No matter how cursed you think your calves are, I guarantee you that this exercise will be a blessing.


– Michael

Calves Cavalier 

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