How A New Discovery Made A Gym Rat Beautiful

It’s not uncommon for people in everyday gyms to look embarrassed, awkward, and even stupid!


Why do they give off these vibes?


No, it’s not because they have a “big bum” or “beer belly” protruding.


No, it’s not because it’s their “first time”.


No, it’s not because they feel uncomfortable about how to do certain “exercises”.


No, the embarrassment starts long before all that!


…Before even a rep is performed, or a weight is lifted! 


I’m talking about people looking like scrambling rats! 


They’re trying to get into equipment, move things around, and be in a position to even make an exercise possible!


(This might even be you!)


Most gym rats don’t know how to load and load and unload a barbell, get into and out of a TRX, or make a step-up bench sturdy. 


You’re likely having other relapses now too… relapses of the times you felt like a scurrying confused rat.


But fear not – I’m going to put an end to a lot of that today.


Yep, one gym rat has figured these conundrums out (you can call me Splinter). 


This cool rat can show you how to stop looking like an uncool rat in less than 45 secs flat!


Sound too good to be true? 


Watch my latest sub 45 sec >>video and start believing!


…that’s unless you’re happy looking like a buffoon?


If you show off these ‘tricks of the trade’ you will look like both a magician and a messiah to onlookers.


Even those smelly, ratty looking, ego-lifting, pre-pubescent boys! 


They will be bewildered by your stroke of genius and newfound sleight of hand!


Click >>HERE to watch my latest short video and see exactly what I mean!


You can send me a reply email and thank me of course!


There are now a handful of things you can avoid getting anxious and worked up about when going to the gym (yay for you!)


Skills be with you my fellow gym rat.

– Michael

AKA Splinter 

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