Five Brutal but very Effective Exercises that will Fix Weak Hamstrings

Do you like leg training?


There was a time I used to despise it.


And if you currently feel the same way, I don’t blame you!


Going about the days after a hard leg session often requires a walking frame.


I’m probably a bit masochistic and have grown fond of this feeling over the years.


I now see leg training as a love-hate relationship.


I like to know I’ve worked my legs hard and overcome the challenge.


But, the soreness and lack of functionality in the aftermath?! It’s still something I grapple with.


I will admit that there are some areas of the legs that I regret not training harder over the years.


There is one muscle group that comes to mind here.


I’m not the only one though – almost all clients present with weakness in this same area.


In my defence, I do feel I have caught up by focusing on this weak point.


I did so by focusing on some very effective but also downright brutal exercises.


Which exercises and which muscle group am I referring to?


Find out by watching my latest sub 60 second >>video


I can guarantee this muscle group is also a major weak point for you too. 


Address it now, or the pain only gets worse.


Click >>HERE for the video.

– Michael

Trauma Specialist

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