Revealed: How Lack of Range Kills Your Gains and What You Can Do About It

Have you heard of the term “ego lifting”?


It basically means lifting more than you could or should do.


The thing about ego lifting, is that few people realise this applies to how they lift their own bodyweight too.


Yes, I’m taking to you if you’re a half-squatting, partial-push-upping monomaniac!


Although your obsession with partiality is not a crime, it will get you in trouble eventually.


How so?


Here are four reasons how a lack of range can impact your hypertrophy, strength, and overall performance: 

  1. Reduced Muscle Activation: Limited range of motion reduces the amount of muscle fibres you recruit during an exercise. The fewer muscle fibres that are activated, the less stimulus the muscle receives to grow and become stronger.
  2. Reduced Time Under Tension: Reduced range affects the duration of time that your muscles are under tension. Adequate time under tension is an important factor for building muscle.
  3. Reduced Joint Stability: Full range of motion exercises can help strengthen the connective tissues and improve joint stability. In contrast, a limited range of motion can weaken the connective tissues and increase the risk of joint instability. When you frequently train with limited range, the day your body goes into its full range it will not be ready for the stimulus (twang!)
  4. Increased Injury Risk: Restricted motion can cause compensation patterns leading to muscle imbalances and/or overuse injuries. 


Sounds a bit grim doesn’t it?!


You should tell all your friends, family and loved ones what I just told you and warn them 😉


….not to mention those sub 25 year old boys (call them what they are) in your local gymnasium (i.e. unsanctioned circus show) who are languishing with loads they can barely count, let alone lift through adequate range.


So what’s the solution?


Unfortunately there is no cure for idiocy, but there are some ways that smarter folks like you can work through maximal range to get the most benefit from the least resistance.


My latest sub >>60 sec video will give you some ideas re your lower body training and also give you a program for exactly how.


So instead of being an ignorant buffoon, click >>HERE and see what you’re likely missing.


– Michael

Think Deep – Squat Deeper

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