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Shoulders & Arms Program – Phase 5

In this fifth installment of six Shoulders & Arms workout routines, single limb training is heavily utilised to balance out any discrepancies that often exist between both sides of the body. The chosen exercises will also work some weaker joint angles common among many trainees. Working to eliminate strength imbalances and weaknesses in exercise range of motion is essential to both symmetrical body development and also gaining strength in bilateral exercises. This fifth phase of the shoulders and arms program is an important stepping stone and should be completed before attempting the final phase of the program.

This program is for the gents and the ladies so don’t hold back whoever you are! A PDF link to the program has been provided below. If you are unfamiliar with our program formatting, it is advised the you first read the definitions/abbreviations and program walk-through that is included. All exercises have a technique description and video demo which is viewable by clicking the associated thumbnail pictures or referring to the uploads provided on the blog post. Enjoy the program!

pdf iconPhase 5 – Shoulders & Arms Program

Shoulders and arms phase 5

A:1 – Seated Alternating Dumbbell Shoulder Press – unsupported


A:2 – Bent-over Single Arm Dumbbell Reverse Flies



A:3 – Lean Away Dumbbell Lateral Raises



A:4 – Standing Alternating Dumbbell Front Raises



B:1 – 90’ Preacher Single Arm Dumbbell Hammer Curls



B:2 – Lying Cable Low-pulley Single Arm Tricep Extension – neutral grip


C:1 – Preacher Barbell Curls – straight bar


C:2 – Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extensions



D – Single Arm Sagittal Cable External Rotation

We would love to hear your feedback on the program. Once you have completed Phase 5 of the Shoulders & Arms Program, send an email to info@performancerevolution.com.au titled ‘Shoulders & Arms Phase 6’ with your feedback and request the next phase of this program.