The 6 Best Single Leg Exercises

We’re often bombarded with the benefits of squats these days for building our legs.

And the squat is a great exercise for this goal – don’t get me wrong.

With all the attention usually on dual leg and heavier movements like these though, it’s easy to not see the GREAT potential of single leg exercises.

In fact, I built my legs more (and added way more definition) with single leg exercises than I did with conventional squatting, leg pressing, and other bilateral exercises.

The great thing about single leg exercises is that they allow you to fix imbalances between left to right, develop stability, and allow you to use less external load while really concentrating the intensity

….And when it comes to developing your legs, your quads and glutes definitely need some intense stimulus.

I’m still shocked to this day at how many people don’t use enough single leg exercises.

… and if they do, they usually wimp out because they’re more intense.

Where should you start if you have been putting these off or your needing fresh ideas?

To answer that, I have assembled my 6 favourite single leg moves in one concise >>video

Add any of these to your arsenal today (with adequate effort) and you will FEEL the benefits of focused single leg work instantly!

Click >>HERE to watch this video and start building better legs today…. One at a time!

– Michael

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