The Real Truth About Blue Light Blocking Glasses

You may have heard of blue light blocking glasses?


… maybe you even own a pair? 


You know, the nighttime glasses with the reflective lenses? 


They’re meant to block blue light from your devices and help you sleep better.


I will admit that these glasses can be quite helpful. I have used many makes over the years to help improve my own sleep-wake cycle.


These kinds of glasses are especially helpful if you’re caught in front of a computer or device screen after dark.


…well at least supposedly they are.


I say “supposedly” because I have found that most blue light blocking glasses actually don’t block much blue light!


How do I know this?


If you can still see the colour blue whilst wearing a pair, then they’re not actually blocking much blue light at all!


This is because it’s not possible to perceive the colour blue without the presence of blue light


Let me explain…


The colour we perceive is based on the wavelengths of light that reach our eyes and stimulate the blue light sensitive cones in our retinas.


Without blue light, our eyes would not receive the specific wavelengths associated with the colour blue…And thus, we would not perceive the colour as blue.


Most blue light blocking glasses filter out a portion of the blue light spectrum. 


However, most fail to completely eliminate all blue light.


Exposure to even lower intensity blue light in the nighttime hours can suppress the production your melatonin….and the regulation of your sleep cycle.


Do you want to limit the effects blue light has on your sleep?


If so, it’s advisable to choose high-quality blue light blocking glasses.


These should have more of an amber to red coloured set of lenses and maximise blue light filtration.


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These are high-quality blue light blocking glasses that have been tested and certified by recognized organizations, to ensure maximum blue light filtration.


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I’m certain that you will appreciate the discount (and the improved sleep) with any of their nighttime range of glasses.


It’s not just better energy levels and mood that you’re missing out on when it comes to compromised sleep either…


Poor sleep is carcinogenic and linked to both Alzheimer’s and dementia – yikes!


Sleep is where your memories are consolidated. 


Blue light glasses are one good practical step in averting these problems.


Don’t compromise your sleep.


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Blue Light Basher