The shoulder joint is one of the most interesting joints in our bodies with a very complex structure. The shoulder’s unique structure allows for us to perform a lot of movements through very large ranges or motion. Have you ever closely watched someone throwing a ball vigorously such as in American Football or Baseball? What about an elite swimmer motoring through the water? …Or maybe even an Olympic weightlifter jerking a huge amount of weight overhead? In all these examples, the shoulder lets the arm travel through a very large range of motion (often with high velocity) to execute the desired movements. With impressive physical feats like those mentioned above, it makes you wonder what keeps a small joint like the shoulder in place and prevents it from being dislocated when such complicated movements are performed?


You might think that the secret to the stability of the shoulder lies within the joint itself? Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, the structure of the shoulder joint makes it more prone to instability. Why is this so? In order for the shoulder to perform its wide range of movements, the joint must sacrifice an incredible amount of stability.


So where does the stability come from that allows us to throw a ball, swim through water and push weights overhead without the shoulder joint being compromised? To answer that question, not only must you properly understand how your shoulders work, you must work your shoulders properly in the process. To help you in the quest towards better shoulder health and functionality, we have developed The Shoulder Stability Program to help you get the most out of your shoulders. Our quick five-minute routine will have your shoulders feeling and functioning great! You can add The Shoulder Stability Program to your workout warm up or as a great postural realignment routine for the days you are at the desk.


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