Video: Why Your Fitness Goals Will Ultimately Fail

We are raised from a very young age to think that life is a game – and sometimes you win, while other times you lose.

On the surface this is plausible and there are definitely aspects of life where things can be won or lost. 

However, most of the bigger things in life (particularly the ones that matter) are far more intriguing and don’t seem to follow this simple formula.

Fitness is definitely one of the more intriguing areas of our lives that doesn’t fit the conventional approach.

In fact, understanding the very fact that you can’t ‘win’ at fitness will save you a lot of time, frustration and wasted energy.

To put it simply, you can’t be winning if you’re playing the wrong game and the rules are different.

How are they different?

Watch this >>video, to find out.

In doing so, you will look at the whole topic completely differently and likely save yourself a lot of tyre-kicking and head banging.



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