Avoid Feeling Fat and Old with New-School Lean Ice Cream 

I hope you’re doing great, and this message finds you well!


Today, I want to share a quick and irresistible recipe with you.


It’s one that satisfies your sweet-tooth cravings without stretching your waist belt!


…and suspenders if you’re trying to keep those in fashion.


If you crave ice cream from time-to-time you’re not alone.


Ice cream is a VERY popular indulgence.


The last time I checked my online grocery app there were over 300 ice cream varieties!


Unfortunately, many of these are packed with sugar!


…not to mention contain very little nutritional value.


The few in-store ice cream options that are actually leaner and better quality (e.g. Halo Top) also cost you an arm and a leg!


But worry not! My latest homemade version surpasses the store-bought alternatives.


It’s much higher in nutrient quality and much lower in price.


Here are its main perks:


🍨 It has 20g of protein per serve – meaning that it will add to your lean mass and make you feel fuller for longer


🍨 It’s low in sugar so you can indulge in it without the guilt and blood sugar spike.


🍨 It’s highly nutritious and includes no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.


This ice cream can also be made as a bar so you can easily portion it out.


To be frank with you, it’s silly to have ice cream the traditional way.


…. especially if you’re wanting to be leaner and younger.


Instead, try this new and improved approach – it’s very a simple substitution!


Watch the following sub-60 second >>video to see just how easy this kind of ice cream is to make.


Click >>HERE to for the step-by-step recipe.


I can assure you – it’s a lot cheaper and less damaging than the alternatives.



Sugar Slayer

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