A shocking revelation that will change your perspective on ab training and dieting for good!

Do you know what the most popular search term of all time is in the fitness world?


It’s “six pack abs”


Yep, the abs seem like the Holy Grail and the key indicator of a fit and lean body.


And just like the Holy Grail, it seems hard to reach for a lot of people.


Why so? 


There was a link in the mind of most that doing ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups built visible abs.


After much trial and error, a follow up saying has come to light over the years and is now being spread like gospel; 


“abs are built in the kitchen” 


But how true is it? 


Is it really just about watching what’s being eaten and lowering body fat levels that determine a person’s ab fortune?


If it’s true that abs are built in the kitchen, then are all ab exercises a simple waste of time?


It’s a question worth answering, considering that a lot of us can relate to spending a significant portion of our time and energy dedicated to endless amounts of crunches and sit-ups to no avail.


You need not wet your pants wondering and worrying though – my latest >>video will provide answers and clarity on a topic that deserves a lot more insight than is currently being projected in the fitness space.


I will give you the full story on what you actually need to do to build more visible abs and reveal if there are any ab exercises that are even worth doing in your quest.


Start putting your time and effort where it is warranted and where it will yield the best results.


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– Michael

Core Crusader

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