Workout of the Week: Think Back

Have you forgotten the last time you trained your back as hard as your front – think back…. If you can’t remember the last time, this workout will help you remember!…. Although, you may need to sleep on your stomach for a few nights after – on the flipside, you will rest easier with the knowledge you gave this section of your body the attention it deserves. In this workout, we have included four of the best exercises for developing a strong and muscular back. Before you rush in however, don’t make the common mistake most trainees do with back exercises and just yank with your arms. To get the most out of your back training, you need to think back not arms and connect the mind to the muscles you can’t see. Be sure to read along with the exercise descriptions below to further help you engage the right musculature correctly and give your back training the thought it requires. click HERE for the full workout.


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